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We're currently working on our new climbing frames uk website. Our new site will be launching early 2018. Our new wooden climbing frame range will be launched by February 2018.

1-Man (3-5 Day) Delivery

Our Fastest Delivery Service

Our quickest delivery service, will arrive within a few days on a pallet, and is delivered kerbside outside your house ...

2-Man (5-10 Day) Delivery

Our Best Delivery Service

We'll book a specific day, the 2-drivers will deliver it to your location of choice, whether it's the garage, back garden or shed ...

Home Delivery Service Comparison

Delivery Service 1-Man (3-5 Day) 2-Man (5-10 Day)
Delivery Timescale 3-5 Days 5-10 Days
Number of Drivers One Two
Delivery Point Kerbside Only Location of your choice
Delivery Day Booked No Yes
Customer Signature Required Yes Optional
AM/PM Advised Time No Yes
Assistance Maybe Required Yes No
Delivery Days Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
Price Free Free

More information about our delivery services

We offer two different delivery services. A one-man (3-5 day) option for those who prioritise speed, and a two-man (5-10 day) option for those who want more flexibility. We have outlined the key service details below.


We offer a 3-5 day (one-man) service and a 5-10 day (two-man) service. We aim to deliver within the days quoted.

Number of Drivers

We offer a one-man service with one driver, this driver will deliver kerbside and may need assistance. Our two-man service with two drivers won't need any assistance and can also leave items in a safe place at your request.

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