Where can I locate/position my garden play equipment?

All our products are designed to be used in private gardens (not commercially) so they can be assembled on your lawn with minimum hassle. Here we discuss some additional points in more detail regarding the surface, safety area and neighbourly considerations.


Easy for them to run around and access the all the activities without having to climb past bushes, fences or walls. Restricted area around your set can indirectly encourage kids to run through the swings to get to the back of the fort. Most parents will want to see kids playing so they can supervise them. It makes great sense to position their playset so you can easily see them play.

Suitable Surfaces

Our climbing frames are designed to be assembled directly onto your grass. (This makes our products excellent value when compared to some alternative which require you to concrete them). Sometimes the grass may wear around swings, playhouse doors, rockwalls or slides. This can be remedied with safety play mats positioned in high traffic areas if needed. You need a good grounding level, clear with good drainage can't put it on grass that gets water logged frequently as no matter how well treated a climbing frame is under water it's going succumb to rot.

Uneven Surfaces

Levelling the ground, most of our climbing frames can accommodate a small degree of slopping. This is different from being on uneven ground that dips and undulates, which is more of an issue. However, this being said a swing beam needs to be level whatever. This prevents swinging into other users or into the climbing frames fort or support beams. Uneven surfaces will also cause additional wear on joints, which could result in squeaks or movement in your playset as kids swing.

Sun or Shade

It can be tempting to position a playset in a corner of the garden. This keeps it out the way and enables your kids and their friends to play without getting in your way or destroying your plants. It is prudent to ensure your play equipment is positioned in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight though. This ensures that if it rains then it'll dry out quickly. The kids won't enjoy playing so much if their playset is damp all the time. However shade during midday sun can also help protect your children so they can spend longer on their garden swing and slide with their siblings and friends.


Consider your neighbours. Blocking sunlight or overlooking a fence may not seem like a problem to you, but may cause your neighbours frustration. We'd suggest you always discuss your plan with neighbours to ensure they are ok with it.


If you use the above guide and maintain your play equipment then you can be sure it'll last your children for their whole childhood. This makes all-in-one garden playsets one of the best value toys you ever purchase your children.
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