Child Assembling Climbing Frame with Parent

Boxed DIY Play Equipment

Delivered ready for home-assembly

Including all wood, hardware & accessories!

What's in the box?

Our products are fully boxed* and delivered ready for home assembly. We box our wood, hardware & tube slides to ensure there's no damages or losses during your delivery.

We understand you want the best for you kids. So we remove the guesswork and guarantee everything you see in the product image is included with your set. There's no hidden charges or optional extras. Our sets are completely ready to assemble, including everything you need. You'll be free to focus on choosing the fun play features!

(*straight slides will be bagged rather than boxed)


Premium Cedar is Soft, Strong & Durable

Pre-cut, drilled and stained to save you time and hassle ...


Nuts, Bolts & Screws Bagged & Labelled

All hardware needed is included. You just need an electric screwdriver ...


Slide(s), Swing(s) & Extras

We include everything pictured with your play equipment ...

DIY Play Equipment Comparison

  • Other Retailers
    Climbing Frames
  • Delivered Boxed
  • All Wood Included
  • Wood Pre-Cut, Drilled, Filleted & Stained
  • Labelled Wood
  • All hardware Included
  • Fully Bagged Hardware
  • Detailed Manual with images & instructions
  • Ground Anchors Included
  • Summary
    You may have to purchase extras, cut, drill & measure
    Great Choice
    Ready for home-assembly

Making home assembly easier for you

As parents too we understand DIY time is limited, but paying people to things for us is often unfeasible. This is why we're committed to making things as easy as possible for you with our ready-to-assemble playsets.

We include everything you need and pre-prepare as much as as we can, to save you time and effort. You will not need to cut, drill, or stain your playset. Helping ensure your it goes up faster, is level and durable. Not only are our climbing frames great for parents; they fun and beautiful for your kids too!

easy to assemble thanks to our pre-cut wood

Pre-Cut Wood

Our wood is pre-cut to the right length and width. Ready to assemble.

Our pre-drilled wood make the assembly process easy

Pre-Drilled Wood

Our wood is pre-drilled for all major bolt holes. Helping to ensure it'll be straight and level.

easy to assemble thanks to our pre-cut wood

Pre-Filleted Wood

We understand kids bump into things, so we ensure our wood has smooth curved corners.

pre-stained to provide a beautiful finish

Pre-Stained Wood

Our wood is naturally rot and insect resistant, but we also apply a stain at our factory so it looks awesome and is protected from day one.

Installation made easy with our illustrated instruction manual

Detailed Manual

Our owners manuals include part identification, life-size hardware identification, and step-by-step build guide with pictures and detailed instructions.

easy to keep track of parts with our bagged hardware

Bagged Hardware

We want to keep things quick and simple. So we have bagged all the hardware so it's easy to find as you build.

Product Specialists

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